Errors on upload

I am having a peculiar problem with Arduino software. I keep getting an error message that says that it can't find a certain library or directory:

In file included from Blink.cpp:10: C:\Users\Paul\Desktop\arduino-1.0.1\hardware\arduino\cores\arduino/Arduino.h:213:26: error: pins_arduino.h: No such file or directory

This is error keeps coming no matter what program I try so I know I must have something installed incorrectly.

If anybody has come across this problem in Windows 7 32 bit please let me know how to correct this error.


Move the Arduino folder from your desktop to C:\ and then see if it works.

Option 2: Fully automatic installer:,118440.0.html

If solves your issues please post it. 8) the idea is to get a totally trouble free arduino for begginers. One guy said in the spanish blog "in the arduino course I took, most of the time was used installing and configuring the boards, rather than learning to program" hehe was interesting to know.