ESC 30A Arduino HELP [request]

Hello, first sorry for “yet another copter ESC” topic i did search before posting.

What i have:

  • EMP C2826 KV1650 motor
  • ESC MultiCopter KK Quad-rotor X-copter 30A
  • Arduino nano
  • 0-12V power supply

I wire the 3 wires of motor with the 3 of ESC, + to + from power supply to ESC, - to - from power supply to ESC.
BEC that comes out of ESC has 3 wires White / RED / BLACK, i have them wired Black to Arduino negative, Red to Arduino 5v and White to pin 9 on arduino

Arduino sketch

#include <Servo.h> 

Servo myservo;

void setup() 
  myservo.write(90);  // set servo to mid-point

Documentation is telling me that myservo.write(0); is full speed forward, write(180); is full speed backwards and write(90); like example is mid point

What is happening: The motor is making that 3 bips sound at the beginning like i’ve seen working on youtube and after that each second a bip and the motor is moving 1mm or just acting like would do so.

I’ve try also the “myservo.writeMicroseconds(700 - 2000);” same thing.
If i put the “myservo.write();” in a loop with values 0 - 90 - 180 the motor is trying to move in one direction then the other so the code is good.

Can someone tell me where i do wrong?

Most if not all ESC's need a particular startup procedure to arm them and it may also need calibrating to set throttle max/min ranges. Did it come with instruction manual on how to calibrate and arm it?
ESC's normally need throttle setting to minimum before applying power to it but if throttle is max when powered up they may enter programming mode.

This may help you if there was no manual though the configuration may no be exactly the same.

I googled and found these that may help...

Also you may run into problems if the power supply cannot give enough amps for the
ESC, they normally assume a LiPo power source capable of holding up the voltage
during heavy current spikes of the open-loop startup sequence.

The power supply can give up to 60A

@Riva I'm waiting for the seller to respond to my message

I manage to make it spin, I made a loop with servo.write(increment);
And found out that motor is starting at 21 with low speed and ends at 165 at full speed
And at 180 has a different melody, i have to investigate what is doing.
Here are some pictures with the model Picutres
This is very cheap on ebay.

60A will be sufficient for a 2826 motor :slight_smile:

Or 4 of them, thinking about it.