ESC burned


I control my motor using and ESC and my arduino. I was using the Servo library to send pulses to my ESC but I had probles with this library and I decided to send the pulses with my own code.

Is it possible that sending pulses with wrong lengths can damage my ESC? I say this cause I have a quadcopter and after sending the pulses on my own code one of the ESCs stopped working. After that I tried to make the ESC work again using the Servo library but it does not work anymore.

I cant believe that an ESCs may be damaged if "wrong" pulses are sent. Can it be the cause of my problem?

OBS: the BEC still looks fine cause I connected and LED to the 5V and GND termial of it with a resistor and it worked fine. I discovered that the ESC was not working anymore when my motor stopped doing the beep that it always does when it's initialized.

What’s an “ESC”?

Maybe the reset "bug" caused the problem.

In the past, some users have reported servos damaged (overheated?) by too high a PWM frame rate.