ESC do I have to use a Lipo?

Do I have to use a Lipo battery to power a ESC? Can I use a scooter battery that meets the voltage?

This is the ESC in thinking of buying.

I'm wanting to use it to drive a 24volt 500w scooter motor.

Thanks for the help and input!

You can use any powersource you want as long as these 2 requirements are fullfilled:

  • You do not exceed the maximum voltage. In this case it is a little unsure since the datasheet says 6S which is nominally 22.2V. But there should be enough margins to handle a 24V lead acid battery. Contact the supplier to be sure.
  • You source has a low enough inner resistance not to cause any excessive voltage drops. In this case there should be no problem

Thanks for the fast response nilton!

I tried reading a bunch of RC forums and got no where. Most of those guys didn't seem to understand the total voltage of the combined Lipos... They just knew they needed more for the faster cars :wink:

I will defiantly contact the supplier about the max voltage.