esc does not restart

hi everyone,
I am working on an arduino-drone which uses four esc’s. three of those four work perfectly fine but I have a problem with the forth one. the last one starts perfectly and speeds up beautifully but when I send a signal to stop the motor this is executed but the esc begins beeping and I cannot restart the motor after that. I treid switching the ports I use for the connection with the arduino but that does not work. my code is not the problem. but the esc is. does annyone of you guys know how t solve my problem?

Basic fault finding. If you just swap over the connections of the "bad" ESC for one of the "good" ESCs does the problem stay with the Arduino pin (so a different ESC fails) or does it move (so the same ESC fails)?

If the first of those it's probably a faulty wiring or power problem.

If the second of those then check if the internal programming of bad ESC is different from the others. If it isn't just get another ESC.


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@slipstick suggestion is the best place to start.

What does the manual for the ESC say the beeps mean?
Link to specs/data of ESC would help.

Thanks.. Tom.. :slight_smile:

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