ESC Motor Noise on I2C Bus

Hi all,

I am working on developing a PID controller designed to hold a levered arm level by controlling an EFlite outrunner motor. The idea being if I can hold one hinged arm level than with 4x the hardware I could make a platform fly. I am using some OSEPP sensors I purchased from Frys: a gyroscope and accelerometer. I am controlling the thing with the Arduino Wire library. However, when I run the motor my sensor values go berserk, making all subsequent PID control meaningless.*hvqxlnpBKZdxlw2G-sjLC3w__/photo.JPG

you will have to copy and paste the link to view the schematic

How can I clean up the noise?

From what I have learned, using I2C is not ideal in noisy environments. I have already added two 1.5k pull-up resistors. I heard using a low-pass filter might help, based off an RC circuit, but I don't want to filter my sensor values.

The regulated 5V output from ESC can be very noisy. Let Arduino be supplyed direct from LiPocell or let it have it’s own cell.
Use digital pins, not analog pins if possible. If analog pins are use keep wires short or wind them up in toroid T68-2