ESC or Megamoto

Hi all, I need to control 2X 24 volt 1 amp DC Brushless (4pole) Motors with a Mega. I have scoured all around for a controller for these. They are 3 wire motors. Iv'e looked all around for a 24 volt ESC with no luck. I have found a lot with high amperage lower volt ratings but none that accept 24 volt. And I have found the megamoto shield that says it will drive them with 3 shields stacked. That's a little costly if not needed. It sucks because I don't need to handle much amperage and most the solutions I've seen are either pricey for huge motors of too low on the accepted input voltage. I can't believe there aren't more controllers/shields for these 3 phase motors. Thanks for any suggestions.

I forgot to add the motors have hall effect sensors. Thanks

Just an update, I did find a ESC. Of course its 24 volt 80 amps lol. I won’t need hardly any power from it. I will give that a try as they were $25 a piece compared to 3X$59 for the megamoto shields. Will see how they work.

If you want a total DIY approach:

If you only need 1A then you can use an L293 or SN754410 (36V capable) like the link above. The electronics are simple and the theory is pretty easy too; the difficult part is the software: timing of the outputs for the three phases (with acceleration and deceleration) and doing it efficiently enough to reach high RPMs.

Just an option to consider.

You should post the link to the ESC you found. Someone else will probably wander over wondering the same thing.