ESC or Motor Driver for RC Car/plane?

Hi guys

Im quite new to motor control and had been wondering when should we use ESC and when to use motor drivers?

Ive used motor drivers before but then whats special about ESC?


What type of motor is it ?

Brushed ?
Brushless ?
Stepper ?

Brushless motor

Then you need an ESC as it is designed for the job and you can control the speed of the motor using the Servo library

Do not power the motor from the Arduino, use an external power supply

thanks mate!

But then can't motor driver do the same job?

Im trying to justify when is ESC is more relevant than motor drivers and vice versa

What I know as a motor driver is usually used with brushed motors and cannot provide the 3 phase signals required by a brushless motor

Do you have a particular motor driver in mind ?


   motor driver vs ESC

and keep yourself busy for awhile.

Of course you have to use the correct kind of circuit for the motor type. If you can use an ESC, you get more out of the box by doing, viz:


If you are getting into RC , you need to learn something about it.
As already stated, the 2-wire dc brushed motors use DC ESCs, (but could be powered
with a motor driver. The 3-wire BRUSHLESS motors require 3-PHASE AC POWER , which is simulated by ESCs using a circuit that converts 2-wire DC to 3-wire AC with
120 degree phase shift for each phase ,(although it is not a perfect sinewave, it is
close enough for the motor to work quite well). This is why a motor driver will not
work. It outputs a 2-wire DC waveform, not 3-wire AC with phase shift.

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