ESC problem.


I’m using DYS 30A ESC. The problem is two of my ESC’s are working fine. And I’m currently involved in a quadcopter project without Radio. The other two ESCs are not working unless they are connected to the wireless joystick.

The code i used is,

Servo m1;

void setup()
void loop()
for(int i=60;i<65;i++)

The motor arms, then it starts to spin, when it reaches 65 it again starts from 60. This is how I test whether it is running or not. Two of my ESC are not passing this test at all. But when connected to wireless and when the throttle is given High, armed and then changing the throttle makes it working. Kindly help me out.

Typically ESCs have an arming sequence at power up - if they don't see the right
behaviour they fail safe by refusing to arm.

This is a safety feature so you can't accidentally power up a propeller at full power
on an RC aircraft (remember these can shred flesh quite easily, safety is important).

Remember RC transmitter throttle pots are sprung to middle position, so arming
usually requires the operator to pull the stick back to off position to ensure the
operator is there and in control. Experiment with the RC transmitter to find a
fool-proof arming sequence for all of them?

The precise arming condition for many ESCs may be programmable, or even
learned (certainly max throttle may be a learned value). So its easy to have
ESCs behaving differently.

Try arming by setting the drive to 0 for several seconds, then ramping up to 60
or 70 sort of value. Step changes in command could be interpreted as a transmitter
failure or RF interference and prevent arming.