Esp 01 adapter

Hello guys, I'm new here as i am with Arduino. I'm trying a project for a while, and unfortunately, i have no one to help me with that. I've stumbled on the following problem that seems simply unsolvable:

Wifi doesn't work, no matter what i try. I did buy the adapter so it would be easier to use the esp-01, but poor me didn't know there isn't a single guide on the whole internet that covers the use of an adapter instead of plugging directly to the board or using resistors. I've searched for it, a lot, just to always fall on the same websites that teach things that seemingly don't apply here. I tried downloading this library, but the examples don't even compile for the uno. I edited so they could compile but...doesn't work.

I tried using other pins other than tx and rx on the board but didn't work. I tried many and many different codes from different places but no. I tried at commands via Tried changing speed, no. Tried changing the line input as some places asked, no. Tried praying but god told me he doesn't know either. Wifi libraries also don't work since its not a shield. Blynk app codes doesn't work. Any of them. So, can this poor noob get this project going, or should i just dump this all in the trashcan?

Have you looked on the ESP8266 Forum?

Post a link to the datasheet for the adapter and post the program you are trying to use.

Also tell us exactly what the program does and what you want it to do that is different.


Yolfrin: If you think it helps i can post some screenshots of the codes i tried and what's the result.

By all means post the code and output but NOT as screen shots.

Post code and the output from it as text. See How to use the Forum

You have not said if you have looked on the ESP8266 Forum? It has lots of advice and examples.