ESP-01 DHT11 not connecting to network

Because getting my ESP-01 DHT11 combi working was a big problem and I didn’t find the solution anywhere on the internet I hope it may help others by charing it here.

Because I wanted to use a temperature measurement and had the ESP-01 DHT11 combi still laying around I installed the script I found on the Internet. But everything I tried no connection with my network was achieved. I did have more of them and tried them to to be sure that it was not a broken one I was working with. I also tried different kinds of examples, but they also didn’t work.

After a while I tried a NodeMCU I also have with one of the examples and that worked without any problem. Also the script for the ESP-01 DHT11 combi loaded well and it made a correct connection with my home network. Nice, but why didn’t the ESP-01 do its work? I still don’t know.

But than I did something that doesn’t seem right, but I just wanted to try something else. So I choose for the board the Generic ESP8285 Module instead of the Generic ESP8266 Module that normaly goes with the ESP-01. And after reloading the script everything works. I really don’t know why and maybe some has an explanation for it, but it works and that is what mattered to me.

I hope it may be some help to someone.

I would compare the data sheets and application notes for any major difference.
Something makes them different. That diiference clearly knocked You over.

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