ESP 12-E non-programmable 1.8.15

I’m trying to program the esp 12-e module only that compiled and trying to load the program always gives me the same error and I don’t understand is because using the beta 2.0.0 everything works perfectly.

I do not quite understand. Is this with IDE 2.0 or with one of the 1.8.xx (or even older) versions?

Please note that posting of images of errors is quite useless. It's a lot easier to copy the error message into an editor, search and replace the username and next copy the error here.

But don't forget.
Use tags </> to put your error printouts.

RV mineirin

using version 2.0.0 beta the program works, the problem is that being a beta the network port is locked, using version 1.8.15 the program gives me this mistake and searching the same error in the site and on internet i don't find no solution.

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