ESP-12 ESP8266 & Arduino Uno

GoodMorning everyone,

I'm trying to connect my Arduino uno to the ESP 12 model (this:

I use Arduino to control my garden and I want the wifi module periodically send some info to a webserver (like via POST or GET request).

By serial monitor of Arduino IDE (115200 baud, both NL &CR) i'm able to send command to it (like reset or connect to my wireless network) but only by insert commands manually.

I don't know how to send command to esp directly via Arduino sketch (i mean, in "automatic way", like in the loop method of a sketch).

Can you help me?


Can you help me?

Without seeing your code? No.

Sorry, i don't upload code because it's very simple and only for test. This is the code:

void setup() {

void loop() {
  delay(5000);              // wait for a second

The purpose is to send to esp the AT command, i set the baud at 115200 because is the only rate in witch i can see the response of the module.

If you can successfully send it an AT command, why can't you send it other AT commands?

Why are you not reading the response? Why are you using the Serial port to talk to it? That makes it very difficult to debug the program.

I send it the AT command only manually, by send the command via serial monitor. But if i try to send at command via loop the module doesn't answer.

But if i try to send at command via loop the module doesn't answer.

Show THAT code, and explain what is connected to what. If you are trying to the the ONE serial port to talk to the PC and the Wifi device, expect to be disappointed.

Ok, forget what i said previously.


ESP ARDUINO TX TX (pin 1) RX RX (pin 0) VCC 3.3V EN 3.3V GPI00 3.3V GPI02 3.3V GND GND GPI015 GND

I upload this code to arduino

But it doesn't work :(

TX of one device goes to RX of the other. Not TX to TX and RX to RX.

Before you get too far I'd suggest not using your ESP8266 with the AT command set (which is pretty antiquated nowadays). There are nice wireless-to-ethernet bridges like ESP-LINK that make everything much, much easier.

TX of one device goes to RX of the other. Not TX to TX and RX to RX.

That may depend on what you are doing. If one wanted to communicate directly to the esp8266 using the serial monitor, one could load the below dummy program on the arduino and use the tx to tx and rx to rx connections for the testing.

void setup() {
  // put your setup code here, to run once:


void loop() {
  // put your main code here, to run repeatedly:


Thanks to all for the help!

So, if i connect tx to tx & rx to rx i'm able to send command manually via serial monitor as zoomkat said.

But if i change tx to rx & rx to tx it doesn't work: the sketch uploaded on arduino doesn't connect esp to my wifi.

I don't find any other useful sketch to try it, any suggestions? Thanks.

i geting same problem anyone can tell me or any proper program to cummunicate esp12 and arduino uno.

how to print or display esp data on serial monitor of pc.esp bondrate(115200) and arduni uno (9600).any code file abut this or any idea.