ESP 32 reading NTC thermistor value. (food probe) and reference voltage

I'm using an ESP32 and a NTC food probe I want to read temperature for my BBQ.. I did look at few web page about NTC probe, it but I'm lost. I did played with ADC back in 1980 so let say that the theories are lost is the memories

I want to read the resitance value of an NTC food probe. Idealy, I would like to read it using a knonw max value, the smalless the better. The actual reading is about 250 k at 0'C and around 12.5k at 100' C

  • Can I set an external reference voltage?

  • If not, what is the reference voltage of the ESP32 ADC

  • Should I use an OP-AMP to interface the probe tp the ESP pin. If I recall, I did use that back whan I was in college

  • What would be the electronic circuit to hook-up the probe?

  • If attached directly to a pin, should I use any protection to prevent any problem to the processor?

Any help or bit of information trully appreciated


P.S. excuse my English.


Thank you Idahowalker. This is a valuable information site but, I'm lost deeper nowI. So many new concept and terminologies. I will study to enhance my knowledge.

Martin :o

You are welcome, +1.

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