esp 32// send file from SD card to web//

hi I'm working on a project that reads online data from sensors and sends them to a webserver(with post.req) also, the data are saving in an sd card at the same time.

now I want to send the file that created in sd card to the webserver

is it possible

it would be great if someone can help me with the same example or any information


is it possible

Yes. However, you don't send data to a server. You send data to a script running on a server, and that script does something with the data. You need to tell us which script you are sending the data to, and what that script looks like.

script? its API

1- I serialize my data and send them with

2- I save online data on a CSV file in sd card

3- and now I want to send the CSV file to my website --- I don't know this one

Just use SDWebServer example in sdfat library and ur problem is solved. Also,don't forget to select the necessary board.