ESP 32 Strange pin behaviour

Hi all,

I snagged an ESP 32 the other day to begin learning to use some new micro controllers.

My issue begins with the fact this board seems to have Two 23 Gpio pins and Zero 33 pin. However only one 23 pin works, the other 23 pin will not react to any commands, and even defining it as 33 doesn’t seem to have it working.

You see in the above image that between G25 and G32 there is G23. This pin will not work.
However at the bottom row to the right there is a second G23, this works normally.

I have searched to understand why this might be, but all other images of the wroom-32 show G33 instead of G23.

Any advice would be fantastic!

Thanks in advance,

Have you searched the internet using the words "esp32 pinout", print out one of those pin outs and used that as your pin template?