ESP 8226 wont connect to my network for some reason Please HELP NEWB HERE

hi Everyone, I am doing this smart blind, did everything the as the video but I am having an issue connecting the ESP8226 to my network, for some reason when I do the configuration ESP wont connect to my network.

Here is the diagram of my electric work. I am no electrician and my wires and motor gets hot.

the link to the VIDEO DIY is here Motorized Roller Shades? IKEA Fyrtur vs Zemismart Solar/Battery vs DIY! - YouTube DIY part Starts 9:30

here is my new post @Grumpy_Mike

  1. If you really are using a 9v PP3 battery as shown, it is very likely the cause of your problem, so cease and desist immediately and put it back in the smoke detector you stole it from. Your project is not worth discussing until you have clarified the power situation. Even if you use a battery later, you would be well-advised to use a mains adapter to start with.

  2. Some comment on the motor and it's suitability for the job won't go astray. The fact that it gets hot suggests it isn't, but a PP3 battery means it won't be hot for long.

As the motor is getting hot its unlikely the OP is using a PP3.

@zeegrey we NEED links to the actual parts you are using

Also, is the motor attached to the blind or just able to turn freely?

Your diagram is too small for me to see how the Node, driver and motor are connected

Also you need to post your code.

L298 info:

If you put an ESP8266 on breadboard like that, with the antenna just a few mm away from the breadboard contacts, you may well find that the performance of the antenna is degraded to the point that it won't work. Put the ESP8266 at one end, so the antenna hangs over the end of the breadboard and use header pins to lift it off the board.

I'm with Nick. The 9v block won't suffice. If WiFi connection is problematic but the rest works, then a power issue is a likely cause. you need something that can provide 300mA for the nodeMCU + whatever the motor will require. They should probably not be on the same power source anyway.

I also tried to connect the ESP to my network while it was plugged in to my computer when I uploaded the code
and run it through NODEMCUFLASHER. ESP did not connect while connected to computer via USB nor as the Diagram I posted. I did use 3 batteries but will connect it to 12vdc.

EDIT: Sorry I am not newb here and trying to figure how things work.

Since the code is out of Github, you might assume it is kosher - and the problem is indeed down to power or wiring. PC USB port may well be a bad choice, and upping to 12v is not necessarily the answer either. NodeMCU runs fine on a 5v 2A phone charger but you ought to power the peripherals separately, as suggested above. Ultimately you might use a more sophisticated PSU to power everything.


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But since we can not read the binary, we can not determine if there are any issues. We need a sketch for that.

Maybe it is kosher, but how can we tell. If you plug a nodeMCU into USB it will be provided with enough power, so that does rule out a power issue.

Try to upload and run the ESP8266Webserver/HelloServer example from the Arduino IDE

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