ESP 8266 and Arduino Due WebPage Control

I am currently working on a project in which I have to replace communication method between an android application and an Arduino Due Device from Bluetooth to Wi-Fi. Thus my choice for Wi-Fi communication is ESP8266. As a start, I want to be able to create a HTML webpage with 4 buttons and have each button send an array of integers to the Arduino Due. I have been trying to search for some example projects where an ESP 8266 and Arduino Due are used to transfer data back and forth from a webpage. Is there any example code out there in order to connect the ESP8266 to Arduino Due and also create a webpage to transfer data to my Arduino Due through ESP8266. Most examples use Arduino Uno and I am not sure how I can modify the codes to work with Due.

It should be rather simple to modify codes working with a UNO to work with a DUE.

There are some tutorials for ESP8266 and DUE though:

BTW, there is a 100% compatible DUE board with a special header to connect with an ESP8266 (plus 30 I/O exposed pins + an SD card), the DUE XPRO:

DUE XPRO compatible Arduino DUE (+ 30 I/O):

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