Esp 8266 NODE mcu 1.0 ESP-12E module

Hopefully this is not a stupid question, but a few days ago I plugged in my ESP board , blue led blinked and then later the board was not responding. Nothing out of the ordinary installed , but then it started to heat up, WIFI module got quite warm. Now I cannot access it, just wondering if I could remove the WIFI chip(ESP8266mod A1Thinker) and attach it to my Arduino Uno to act as a WIFI shield.

If there is any info as to how to do this I would greatly appreciate any direction. I know that this is an inexpensive board and could be replaced for a few bucks , but I like to repurpose where I can, thanks.

That would be difficult at best. Toss the dead ESP and buy a new one.

The ESP will not spontaneously destroy itself. You must have done something to cause it to heat up and die. I would try to figure out what so that it does not happen again.

Understood, it may have shorted out with something on my bench as I was using it on the dongle not plugged into a perf-board. I agree, not worth fooling with when I could replace it for a few dollars, i suspect I may have used the wrong cable , one from a phone. Possible the interior of the connector may have been wired differently or just a bad cable. Thanks