ESP application receiving from webserver

How can I do a simple application that if I press a button on a webserver, my ESP receives a character?

It depends on how your webserver and ESP are connected. Is the webserver running on your local PC? Are they both on your wifi? If so, your webserver can use HTTP to POST something to the webserver running on your ESP

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yes its running on my pc, and I connected them in UART mode, I get my local IP from my wifi.
Can you help me understand the difference between HTTP post and GET requests?

Take a look to the examples included in my library if you like esp-fs-webserver
The library should simplify a lot making a webserver.

Basically difference from GET and POST is where the parameter passed to the server are writed.
With GET you have all in the url request with the syntax /webpage?par1=10&par2=20&par3=25.6

With POST instead, parameters are passed in the body of HTTP request.

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