ESP Mesh Network - Basics

So following my request for input for project guidance in this thread I have been introduced to ESP Mesh Network but I am struggling to get my head around it......I think I have picked it up wrong and cant seem to get my head back on the right track....:slight_smile:

So rather than tacking my question to the end of that topic I thought it might be best to put it here

So the article linked in the previous topic seems to explain Mesh networks fairly least to setup a network with just ESPs seems quite easy....

But if you were to add another piece to the network i.e PC, RPi do you do this?
Does there need to be some gateway/Access point or can it just connect via WIFI?

I suppose what I can't get my head around is what exactly is the physical makeup of the ESP Mesh Network....

for more information:

RV mineirin

I got a RPi and 13 ESP'32 connected to their own WiFI router and sharing information through MQTT.

Nothing about a Meshie thingy.

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