Esp with alexa issue

guys i need a help ,now i got esp8266 and i interfaced that to alexa so when i say turn on " " then the relay turns on but i got a new problem when i turn on the relay with alexa the power from the digital comes but the relay is not turning on (this problem i faced before and that resolved it but now i am not able to) and when i take the wire and again connect to the relay i hear some sound (tik tik) and i had given power from 5v adapter to esp from the i gave to relays and sanitizer spray machine but when i tried with ARDUINO the relays works and also i took 3v and gnd from esp and connected to another relay and that works perfect
please guys someone help me this is very important please

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Sounds like insufficient power.

Which relay / relay module are you using?

Can you please provide a schematic; reasonaby sized photo (approx 300 kB) of a hand-drawn one is fine; please pay specific attention to draw all power connections.

i am using 5v relay

there you go please try to help me

The ESP can't provide much power. Where are your relay coils being powered from?

They are actually relay module I have connected 5v adapter 2amp to esp vin and gnd from that I took two wires and connected to three relays and three nano spray after that I will be powering 4 more relay modules

I think you had better give us the specifications (such as a Web link) to the relay modules you are using.

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