Esp wrover kit not included AGAIN

why is this wrover kit by esp not listed separately as the esp wrover module is just a module but the wrover kit contains an tft lcd, sd card reader, rgb led, seperated power supply ,camera connector , expanded I/O, jtag , and a whole host of other stuff. Now yes it does work under esp wrover module , but its really different as it has all the other stuff...yes the test sketches all work but in realty it needs to have its own id oh and I forgot it has 4 k memory and why when I plug it in to the new ide 2.0.0 do I get the caution symbol beside the name?

I suspect you are asking in the wrong forum. The board support for the ESP32 is created by Espressif as far as I know. The IDE is only showing you the information provided in the board files.

You can learn about that here:

This experience will be improved in an upcoming release of the Arduino IDE 2.x

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