ESP01s Relay without AC power

I was trying a small hack of ESP01s Relay

Goal - To be able to turn on and off using single battery
I made alteration as shown - purple and green. The circuit is flickering. Is it possible to make this circuit work, with any changes.
Why 1 battery? because I use a 12V car battery, and no AC power.


Is only the light flickering or do you also hear the relay?

the relay is doing the click clack

I dont think its the problem, but car batteries are 12.6V this is not in the range of 5-12V.

Could it be the code on the ESP? And how much amperage is the load drawing? Power = Voltage x Amperage -> 120watts / 12 volts = 10 Amps. This is the maximum power u can use off the battery

I will check, but the bulb I'm using is a car headlight bulb

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