ESP12E USB-PowerCycle after Upload

Hi Guys,
I´m just starting with the ESP12E-Module. I can upload Sketches (using Visual Studio with Visual Micro) via the USB-Port on the Board (USB-Serial CH430). This works fine, but after upload, I always have to unplug the USB to reboot the Chip, only then the Sketch is running. The OnBoard reset Button does not work instead. After first reboot, the Reset Button works again.
Is this normal behavior or is there any setting in VS, Arduino IDE or any additional wiring neccessary to make it boot right away after upload?
(Debugger sais: Uploading 229696 bytes from C:\Users…/SKETCH~1.BIN to flash at 0x00000000)

OK, solved it myself by chance, I´ve been using VisualStudio, where Dtr and Rts mode on the serial Port are being enabled by default. Hovering the mouse over the respective Button shows like: "Some boards like the ESP8266 have a setting to turn off Rts since they won´t work if it´s on"
Doing so and all works well!
Somehow the RTS seems to have prevented a propper reboot after upload, whilst the upload itself worked fine.