ESP32 and AVRCP ( Remote Control )

hello Friends,
i really need you help,
this is my first Topic because until now i found every thing i was looking for except this. :sob:

i want to make my ESP32 Wemos D1 a Bluetooth Remote ( i will connect to the ESP32 by Wifi and control my MI BOX 4 using teh ESP32 BT AVRCP )

i found this Instructions :

but i dont really know how to make the code for the Arduino IDE and there are no Examples for this on the Net.

i started to write some code and send commands to my Phone ( the MI box 4 remote was able to control my Phone so i would like to do the same with the ESP32 )
but i dont see anything happens on my phone.

i really need your help on this.


Why not start by defining the problem with specifications including a flow chart, schematic, power requirements, and EMI requirements. Define what the expected outcome needs to be. Purchase the Arduino cookbook and read it, this will give you some basics. also use the online tutorials and videos available, there are many good ones on this web site. At this point you will be able to define the problem and may have already solved it. This link should give you what you need.