ESP32 and DRV8833 control

Anyone has tried using dual DRV8833 ?

Im making an RC car, diagram shown as picture, i write a motor lib myself, but it seems there is something wrong, 1 side run faster (image 1 side run with pwm 255 and 1 side is just 100-150) than the other, and if i disconnect 1 DRV8833, the other stop running too,

I found another DRV8833 lib and use it, both sides run with same speed, but just give 1 force ~ 150-200 pwm, i dont know how to increase it to max

Can someone give some guides ? Thanks

Link for ESP32 motor lib i found on github:GitHub - JoaoLopesF/ESP32MotorControl: Motor control using ESP32 MCPWM

My lib write myself: DRV8833.h - and DRV8833.cpp -