ESP32 and MPU9250 for flight controller.

I'm working on a flight controller using an ESP32 and I'm having trouble finding code for the mpu9250. I've built a flight controller before using a Arduino Nano and the mpu6050 and I used the library from Jeff rowberg.
So far all my code was based on quaternion calculations and I need a library that gives quaternions from the sensor. But I can't find anything for the the mpu 9250 let alone that it also runs on the ESP32.
Does anyone know about a suitable library for the mpu9250 and that runs on the ESP32.

Look here: GitHub - rtlopez/esp-fc: Espressif based budget flight controller
rtlopez is using an MPU6050 but it's a starting point.

Also look here: EM7180_SENtral_sensor_hub/EM7180_MPU9250_BMP280.ino

Fly safely!