esp32 and "naked" ili9341 in fastest mode posible?

Hi from “noob”
I could use some help.

I bought several 320*240 screens, controler is ili9341V.
They are without any shield, because I need them like that for my project.

I have several questions:

  1. What is fastest (display showing) mode to connect them to esp32, 8080 mode I or II or SPI?

  2. In attachment you can find connection schematics, wich pins I should connect to ESP32?

  3. Color depth is not so much important, I would like to use a best picture posible if it dosent corrupt speed. Question is, with this combo, can I achive 25 fps?

  4. Can I use SD card to store images or I must use SPIFF?

I would like to store 3-5 sec animatoins so they show on screen in loop. So SPIFF would be to small :frowning: for 25 fps, 15 fps can be decent I guess.

Im planing to use new Bodmer lib. and new Jgp decoder.

My programing skills are pretty bad, but I can upgrade with ltl help from you :slight_smile:

This is just a begining of my jorney, Im gratefull for any help from you guys.

Thank you.

WF24LTYAJDNN0.pdf (536 KB)

I think you might need a lot of help...

You would only be able to achieve 10fps on an ESP32 because decoding Jpegs requires a fair bit of processor power. For example it takes an ESP32 ~100ms (90ms 8 bit parallel, 110ms SPI at 40MHz) to fetch the jpeg from FLASH, decode it and write it to the display. At this speed you will see each image being "wiped" onto the display and this may not be acceptable for a fluid animation.

Trying to use bare displays typically causes a noob a lot of grief. So I advise you to get a UNO style ESP32, make the wiring changes suggested in the TFT_eSPI library ReadMe then buy an UNO style ILI9341 to experiment with.

To answer your questions:

  1. 16 bit parallel, but the ESP32 does not have enough pins spare, TFT_eSPI supports 8 bit parallel.
  2. Read the setup file in the TFT_eSPI library.
  3. TFT_eSPI only supports 16 bit colour depth at the display interface.
  4. Yes, but you may find it is slower than SPIFFS and slower than storing the jpegs as arrays in FLASH.

I thought it is a long road, but it will greatly increase my knowlegde :slight_smile:

Thank you on your answer and a road map.
Ill start working on it, will ask again when hit a wall :slight_smile:

Alredy have at least 10 screens with ili9341 shields and some other controlers, did manage to do same nice stuff with them.
I wanted to something with bare screen beacue they are so tiny and easy to hide in case :slight_smile: projects do look much nicer almoust pro range.

Again, thank you for sharing your knowledge and helping others.

ps. can you leave this thread open so we can share the "pain" with others noobies :slight_smile: