ESP32 and OTA, not visible after some uptime.

Hello all :)

My old account disappeared, so I had to create this new one (using same user name, odd).

Anyway, I have a problem for a long time now: I use ESP8266 and ESP32 devices and usually update them via OTA. The ESP8266 devices work fine, all appear in the port list in the Arduino IDE. The ESP32 devices appear only for a short time. I have to manually reboot the ESP32 to make it appear in the list. This isn't really the idea of OTA, is it? :)

Does anyone of you also have this problem? I use IDE 1.8.12 and, of course, I update the board/core files everytime a new one was released (currently v1.0.4), but this problem did not disappear for me yet.

Can anyone tell what's wrong?

ArduinoOTA.begin(); is in the setup section, ArduinoOTA.handle(); is in the loop.

Thanks for help! Nik