ESP32 and Update.h

Hi guys,

I'm working on ESP32 in particular I'm developing the OTA by using AMZON AWS server. Everything works well, the update goes well but I would like to be able to see the downloading progress on my serial monitor.

I started from this example.

During the update the serial monitor stuck before Update.writeStream():

// If yes, begin
    if (canBegin) {
      Serial.println("Begin OTA. This may take 2 - 5 mins to complete. Things might be quite for a while.. Patience!");
      // No activity would appear on the Serial monitor
      // So be patient. This may take 2 - 5mins to complete
      size_t written = Update.writeStream(client);

      if (written == contentLength) {
        Serial.println("Written : " + String(written) + " successfully");
      } else {
        Serial.println("Written only : " + String(written) + "/" + String(contentLength) + ". Retry?" );
        // retry??
        // execOTA();

When the update ends, the .writeStream() returns me the variable written. I looked inside Update.cpp but I didn't understand if is possible to have the status of downloading during the update, because the return variable written is given to me when the downloading ends or fails.

Can someone help me ?

Hope my question is clear enough :)