ESP32 Arduino, Ethernet connection TCP Client

Hello Guys,


I like to transfer data from the Olimex Board to a controller for our screwdrivers (TCP Client). The controller for the screwdriver uses Modbus protocol to communicate (Ethernet port on the controller). With an Arduino Leonardo and the original Ethernet Shield 2 (controller W5500) it could get this to work. With the Arduino Leonardo I used the code Modbus_master (code below). This Code is copied form the Arduino “Chat Server” example and uses the Ethernet2.h library (very similar to the ethernet.h library). Since the Olimex uses another ethernet chip LAN8710A, I can not use the same library and code. For this board, the library ETH.h must be used. I could already successfully work with the Olimex “ETH_LAN8720” example and print out the local IP Address. Now I am looking for an example cold similar like the Arduino “Chat Server” which I can modify so I can get an ethernet to ethernet connection.

Arduion ChatServer: … ChatServer

Board: Olimex ESP32-POE-ISO
IDE: Arduino IDE / PlatformIO
Computer OS: Windows 10

Modbus_master.ino (2.06 KB)