ESP32 Arduino OTA woes


I've been having trouble with OTA to two of my boards, of which one was previously rock-solid stable.

they both use rev 1 ESP32-WROOM-32 modules. On the second board, I have tried four different modules in case there was an issue with the soldering or whatever. All evince the same issue.

In every case, the OTA fails with an error. Of course in the IDE you get no decent debug info. Attaching a different terminal reader suggests that the upload is received somewhere between 13% and 90% and then a OTA_RECEIVE_ERROR occurs. No further information is provided.

I'm using a mac with OSX 10.13.6 and Arduino IDE 1.8.6. ESP32 v 1.0.0.

Are there known errors with this configuration?

Is there any easy way to debug OTA issues?