ESP32 as an ISP/ICSP programmer?

I want to burn a bootloader on to a target AVR board using the instructions here:

This flashes the ArduinoISP sketch to a spare UNO, and then wires up the respective ICSP pins between the UNO and target board. "Arduino as ISP" and "Burn Bootloader" are then used to burn a bootloader to the target board.

I don't have an UNO, but I do have an ESP32 board, like the one here but with NodeMCU printed on it.

Can I use the ESP32 to burn a bootloader to the target board or is this a non-starter? I see some SPI pins but I'm not quite sure how everything should fit together.

I know there is a library for turning an ESP8266 into an AVR ISP programmer:

but I haven't heard of the equivalent for ESP32.

My advice is to just buy a 6 pin USBasp ISP programmer from eBay: