ESP32 bare module with internal PSRAM


I want to make a board with ESP32 module that has PSRAM in built. I am choosing one from, there are so many of them with no clear way of finding out whether it has PSRAM. Somewhere the site mentions PSRAM but when opening the corresponding datasheet there is no way to confirm that it has PSRAM in it.

Can somebody tell me exact part number from that has PSRAM. I am looking for bare module (the smd ones with metal can and inverted F pcb antenna) not the nodemcu/devkit type bigger DIP board.

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Looks like you need a WROVER module. AFAIK, Espressif is the definitive source of info: ESP32 Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Modules I Espressif

ESP32 is a small MCU that has 640KB internal ram and no PSRAM and no FLASH I believe. Only ESP32-WROVER modules (tiny black board with metal rectangle cover and PCB/u.FL antenna) have PSRAMs, 4MB to 8 MB I think, and FLASH 4MB to 16MB. The metal rectangle cover has the small ESP32 MCU, PSRAM IC, and FLASH IC.

Look for ESP32-WROVER-E as the latest model and it has many combinations of PSRAM and FLASH sizes. If you want over-the-air firmware update capability, plan for FLASH that has to hold three times the max size of your latest firmware and a bit extra. OTA has 2 alternate partitions and factory partition before the first OTA happens.

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