ESP32 Boards not connecting to Wifi network

Hi All, Trying to get the My ESP boards to connect to wifi network, but having no success. I have tried most sugestions I found online:

  • intruducing a Wifi.disconnect() before WiFi.begin()
  • deleting libraries and download them and install again
  • tried a higher power supply -many other things I forgot already.

I also tried to rule out the router by connecting my ESP8266 boards and they connect fine, so most likely is not a router issue.

So, I'm a bit stuck, I'm sure I had this boards connected to this router something like a year and half ago, but now absolutely nothing.

I tried the wifi scan example and the boards can see the wifi network.

I'm using a node mcu ESP-32S board and a very similar generic one.

Any help would be apreciated. Thank you. Best Regards Luis

Did you try the esp32 example to get time from the inet?

Hi, I did try just now and it worked! So, the question is why?

Best regards Luis

OK, now I'm big time confused... My original program is working! Thank you for the help, but sure would like to know what was the issue. Best Regards Luis

"Thank you for the help, but sure would like to know what was the issue."

Most likely you did/had something "different" between the nonworking/working conditions.

Nope, just tried my webserver program as it was after the NTP one and it worked fine.


Make sure that you programmed the board with the proper wifi SSID and the right password. Try a example sketch to see if the problem is with the board or the sketch. Reply if it worked.