Esp32 by espressif - cant find in manage libraries

have interred the address into the preferences page, but the library im looking for (esp32 by espressif) isn't there.
Has the title changed, or is there another I can use?
I had it earlier, but after a drive crash, I'm now starting over from scratch.

Have you selected the ESP32 board in the Tools/Board menu of the IDE ?

Try this page.

This is not a library, so it is normal and expected that you will not find it in Library Manager. It is a boards platform. Boards platforms are installed via the Arduino IDE's Boards Manager, not Library Manager.

To install it, follow the instructions here:

What is not clear from the way those instruction are written is that they are describing multiple ways to install the boards platform. So make sure you stop following the instructions when you get to the "Windows" section of the page. That is the start of the alternative installation instructions which should only be used by platform developers and beta testers. The Boards Manager installation is all you need.

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