ESP32-CAM-->ESP32-->SIM800L-->Web Server Help Needed


First post on this forum, but have been using Arduinos and the IDE for a few years now. I can normally work my way out of most of the issues I find myself in, but I am really struggling with this one, and wondering if anyone can validate my theory and or point in the right direction to take. Thank you in advance for any input!

I am trying to develop a remote alarm system that runs on Blynk, to provide the user interface, and gives the ability to take a picture, and have the picture displaid in the Blynk app. The main controller is an ESP32 and the camer is a ESP32-CAM. The ESP32-CAM does not leave enough spare I/O and memory to have the whole project integrated on it, hence the need for the ESP32-CAM to be treated as a module to the main ESP32.

The main ESP32 connects to the Blynk server via a SIM800L modem andf the GSM/GPRS cellular network, and this works well.

I have got the system working well with the ESP32-CAM connecting to my home WiFi network. The ESP32-CAM is triggered to take a picture by the main ESP32 via a discrete signal, it then takes a picture and directs it to my webserver, where a php script takes the incoming data and stores it as a .jpg file. See “working Layout” attachment for block diagram.

As I would like the system to be remote, I would like to be able to use the GSM/GPRS connectivity of the SIM800L to get the picture to the webserver. My thoughts are to connect the ESP32-CAM to the main ESP32 via a WiFi network, and then somehow direct the data from the ESP32-CAM to the SIM800L, and the data will make its way to my webserver. Needless to say, this is not working, and I do not appear to be able to find any similar examples to be able to work from.

Is my idea feasible? Would anyone be able to identify the major tasks required to get the Proposed Layout to work? I do not mind doing the leg work, im just lacking something to go from at the moment.

I was under the impression that if I get the ESP32-CAM to join the ESP32 WiFi network, and then just setup a TCP connection to my webserver it would work, it doesnt. I am not quite sure what my home wifi/router does to make it work, that I cannot replicate in my main ESP32.

Any help much appreicated, would love to get this working!

Proposed Layout.JPG

Working Layout.JPG

Hi, I have a method to transfer the image generated by the ESP32CAM to the ESP32 via serial.

Check link:

Code is included at the end of the post (pg4)

I am in the process of trying to develop ways for the ESP32 to connect to the web server via GSM and send the picture.