Esp32 CAM master to ESP32 slave

Hello. Im building a robot and all the components (motors servos) are connected to the ESP32 board because it has enough pins. ESP32 CAM does not have enough pins but I need it's video stream. So is there a way to connect the ESP32 CAM to the ESP32 so I can use the ESP32 CAM webserver to send digitalWrite commands via created button clicks to the ESP32 to control the motor and servos attached to it.

I am communicating with my ESP32 CAM via MQTT. You could use serial, I2C or SPI or even WiFi to allow the 2 devices to communicate.

Heck you can even use the ESP32cams available pins and pin state to indicate a command.

I'd prefer WiFi. I can't use the esp32 cam because the servos are for a robot arm and the esp32 cam doesn't have enough pins. That's why I hooked the robot arm and motors to the esp32. But I need the esp32 camera for my robot. That's why im trying to use the esp32 cam webserver to control the esp32 board