ESP32 CameraWebServer - how to save settings? ... help appreciated pls

hi, I am kathy and a rookie in programming and arduino
I managed to flash a AI-Tinker-Cam with the sample code CameraWebServer and all worked fine and out of the box on first trial with a step-by-step-guide on YT
I can call the cam in browser by IP and make all the settings until the video pleases me
I even ws able to than include the stream in HomeAssistant ... so far so good
but every once in a while I need to cut the power of the board and then on next boot all setings made in the web-ui are gone and I am back to kind of default set
is there a way to modify the CameraWebServer sample sketch in a way that it saves the settings once made for next boot?

thx for reading and hopefully you can help me sort this out ... it is a little annoyning to adjust 4 cams every time manually


Hey Kathy. Easiest way is to store the settings in the EEPROM. This memory doesn't get wiped when power is lost.

Check out ESP32 Flash Memory - Save Permanent Data | Random Nerd Tutorials

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thx, that was quick !!!
as said I am newbie and didn't even know where to look for
EEPROM - will google and find out, thx

a bit of research on the web and voilá there is sth ready to flash