esp32 dac output buffer

the esp32 has poor dac characteristics due to high output resistance

but it seams the pyton guys have a way to make it better

please how can one set the output buffering "true" using the arduino ide ?

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The DAC of the ESP32 does not have an output buffer, ESP32 API

I am sure you can make one using freeRTOS queues or a ring buffer.

Here is a link to the ESP32 DAC h file esp-idf/dac.h at 30372f5a4ff2c0dfdaad95f544dc36bcdda30b75 · espressif/esp-idf · GitHub.

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The DAC of the ESP32 does not have an output buffer

who can be shure what the esp32 does have or does not have ? :

classpyb.DAC(port, bits=8, *, buffering=None)
The buffering parameter selects the behaviour of the DAC op-amp output buffer, whose purpose is to reduce the output impedance. It can be None to select the default (buffering enabled for DAC.noise(), DAC.triangle() and DAC.write_timed(), and disabled for DAC.write()), False to disable buffering completely, or True to enable output buffering.
When buffering is enabled the DAC pin can drive loads down to 5KΩ. Otherwise it has an output impedance of 15KΩ maximum: consequently to achieve a 1% accuracy without buffering requires the applied load to be less than 1.5MΩ. Using the buffer incurs a penalty in accuracy, especially near the extremes of range.