[ESP32] how to get data from a 3d printer by wifi?

I have a 3D printer conneted on wifi network, it can send data with gcode like
M81 192.168.1.xxx n
i would like to collect n on a esp32,
what is the way to do please ?
thanks in advance

Look at the ChatSever or TelnetClient example sketches that are part of the Ethernet library. You will also have to know how your 3D printer is sending that information (telnet, UDP, etc.) There are several protocols and you will have to know which one it is.

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thanks for these informations, it use tcp/ip protocol.

That is not a communication protocol. Internet protocol suite - Wikipedia
Does it use UDP?

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my plan has changed because i understud that the 3D printer need octoprint to do this job... i would like to do without octoprint, someone told me about curl fonction but i dont have any knolege about... anyway thanks

now my plan is to collect datas from 3D printer's motherboar serial port with esp32.

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