ESP32 Huzzah32 for fastled and adalight

Hey everyone, I recently purchased the adafruit esp32 huzzah32, thinking I would be able to get it hooked up to the ws2812b RGB addressable LEDs but I am having trouble getting everything figured out.

Which Pin should I use for data? Most tutorials seem to have a different kind of ESP32 with different pinouts. So what should I connect to the LEDs? Will I need a 3.3v to 5v logic shifter? Need help on which code to use for adalight and which pins to use as data from the board to the light strips.

Any help would be appreciated! Here's the datasheet for the controller

Any of the regular GPIO pins should be ok. Hopefully you will not need a level shifter, try without one first. If that does not work, do not try using the basic 4-channel level shifters found on eBay, there is a good chance they won't work either. Instead, use a 74hc14 or 74hct14 chip.

Before you come back to this topic to report it is not working, make sure you have followed the advice in adafruit's tutorials about power supplies, connection wires, resistors and capacitors when using wa2812 led strips.

And of course that may depend on the cable distance between the ESP and the WS2812 strip.

I am able to get the LEDs working with arduino, but am unable to get the ambilight code to work properly with the esp32. I am hooking them up with the capacitor and resistor and external power supply as suggested and i know the LEDs work because i can get them working with the arduino.

I found this code for the esp32 specifically here:GitHub - memchk/esp32-adalight

But I'm not able to figure out how to upload it to the board, ive been using the arduino ide with the esp32 and this code doesnt have a file i can open with the arduino ide. Do i need to install it using some different program? Please advise

Thing is that the code was not written for an Arduino it is written in pure C, without any of the enhancements of the Arduino.
If you change the name of the file to main.ino you will be able to open it in the IDE but you will still have to convert it into an Arduino like structure, with a setup and loop function.

To do this make a blank setup function and rename the main function to loop.

Even after this you will probably struggle to get it to compile.

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