ESP32 interrupt

Hello All,
Scenario: ESP32 to 'interrupt' using ACS724 (current sensor) output.
Project: determine when a sump pump is activated by using V increase in ACS724 output.
Info: ASC724 40Amp "AB" model has a zero current voltage of 2.5V if supplied with 5V. The voltage rises based on a linear formula of 100mV per AMP. The sump pumps are rated at 3A (small), so, the voltage output from the ACS724 will rise to 2.8V when the pump is activated.

Question: Can I use a rising interrupt on the ESP32 when the base voltage is 2.5V?
Datasheet: ACS724 datasheet

Finally found a solution using the comparator operation on the ADS1115 which will handle an interrupt. If you are interested, please check the datasheet and the Adafruit library for examples Here