ESP32 IPv6 webserver?

Just wondering if anyone has any tips on getting an ESP32 webserver to run on IPv6?

I've got a basic webserver working on IPv4, with esp32 in STA mode.

I've edited it to enable IPv6 as soon as ithe WiFi connects, then once it sees SYSTEM_EVENT_AP_STA_GOT_IP6 it starts the server.
It reports it's link local address, so ipv6 is enabled successfully.
I can ping it from within the LAN,
If I replace the beginning of this address with my prefix delegation, I can ping/traceroute to it over WAN, so I know the address is set up and its visible through my router.

But I cannot access the webpage on the esp32 over IPv6, from locally on the LAN or via WAN. Using IPv4 works from both.

Has anyone successfully done this on IPv6 and can give some insight?


I've looked at some of the wifi system events, and saw SYSTEM_EVENT_AP_STA_GOT_IP6 was occurring twice. Looking at the info. data returned, the first time is when it gets assigned a Link Local address, the second time it returns the global address. So that side of things is working fine, the ip6 address just doesn't seem to be linking to the server.

Did you see this thread - no idea if things have progressed since then though

Need IPv6 support · Issue #1261 · espressif/arduino-esp32 · GitHub

Thanks for the link.

It may possibly have progressed a little since then, as that thread mentions link local support but no SLAAC support.
I've managed to get the SLAAC address from the info returned in the event call, but haven't got any further than that.

Maybe it's not possible at the moment.

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