ESP32 IRAM Size Question

Hi - I have an Arduino sketch for an ESP32 controller that weighs about 118kb on my computer's drive. I am having a bit of annoyance with the speed at which things are accessed, so I looked up the size of the IRAM block and it's apparently 192kb.

So, theoretically, could I dump this whole sketch in the IRAM? Does the C++ decompile size have to be taken into account here? I wouldn't actually put all of it in, just about half, but I'd like to know regardless.

Thank you.

You can start with the ESP32 API General Notes About ESP-IDF Programming - ESP32 - — ESP-IDF Programming Guide latest documentation.
Your remaining or available IRAM will be dependent upon your program size and other factors.
I use a ESP32 WROVER and the extra 4MB of PSRAM to load a data capture into for playback, works quite well for data storage for playback.
The Arduino IDE can use 4MB of PSRAM. If you want to use more than 4MB of PSRAM then use the ESPRESSIF IDE.

Oh, sorry I misunderstood. You want to store the raw sketch onto the ESP32? Good luck.

You were right the first time, I’m talking about a sketch that I’m programming the ESP32 with. The main thing I was looking for was instant access since I’m trying to do a bunch of functions whilst running steppers smoothly on a single core •_•

I actually went ahead and put what I needed in the IRAM and it’s working out. There’s a very helpful graphic breakdown on this site for the ESP32’s memory layout.