ESP32 is not connecting with WPA2 Enterprise over EAP-TLS

Hi there:

In our lab, we have setup our ESP32 and a FreeRadius 3.0 server as part of our staging environment for a customer deployment.

Our ESP32 based devices do not seem to be able to get connected to the Wifi network.

We have confirmed that the Radius server is working by connecting a Mac device using EAP-TLS. We have confirmed the client certificates that we are using on that Mac device as well.

I have attached the debugging log output from FreeRadius for the Mac establishing a connection and then our ESP32 device attempting to connect.

The error we seem to be getting is the following:

(30) eap: Peer sent packet with method EAP NAK (3)
(30) eap: Peer NAK’d our request for TLS (13) with a request for TLS (13), skipping…
(30) eap: WARNING: !!! We requested to use an EAP type as normal.
(30) eap: WARNING: !!! The supplicant rejected that, and requested to use the same EAP type.
(30) eap: WARNING: !!! i.e. the supplicant said 'I don’t like X, please use X instead.
(30) eap: WARNING: !!! The supplicant software is broken and does not work properly.
(30) eap: WARNING: !!! Please upgrade it to software that works.

MacOS Anonymous Client Certificate EAP TLS Trace Success.txt (31.3 KB)

ESP32 Anonymous Client Certificate EAP TLS Trace Fail.txt (7.57 KB)