ESP32 ISSUES during recent connection

I am setting up an esp32 to work an HALL EFFECT for an Physics class, i (believe), i have things set correctly , Till… the connection starts and the last thing i see is

  1. "A FATAL ERROR OCCURRED: Failed to connect to ESP32: invalid head of packet (0x31).

  2. After that the system beeps when i try and close it (it now locks up) and the only way to close the program is through the task manager- shutting down an -
    JAVA™ platform SE binary (32)- action- it’s the only one open, so once it closes, the program closes.

I know it’s more than one issue, but any help would be appreciated on where to look for the source of the issue, attached is a copy of (1) error message.

Arduino esp32 error.pdf (73.8 KB)