ESP32 + LoRa + GPS, 2-way comms?

The students in my makerspace are stumped in their Strato-balloon project:

We would like to use the "TTGO T-Beam" device, which is an ESP32 + LoRa transceiver + GPS receiver,

There are several projects that may work on this device (LoRaTracker, FlexTrack, etc), but we would like to implement 2-way communication to the balloon (ie: to send an abort signal).

Is there a project that can already do this?


My own software (LoRaTracker) has had two way communications, the ability to tell the remote tracker to do stuff, since its inception in early 2015. It did surprise some, that you could control the remote tracker 250km + away. The tracker software and controlling terminal will operate quite happily on Arduino Pro Minis.

As for the ESP32, then do a lot of testing, althought the ESP32 runs at a supposed 240Mhz. In terms of GPS parsing a humble Pro Mini running software serial at 8Mhz is more reliable, performs better, cheaper and uses far less power.

I would also not fly an ESP32 based tracker unless it had an independant watchdog to reset it if (when!) the ESP32 crashes.