ESP32 Master Slave Communication

Hi developers!!
I am looking to develop a product where I have two ESP32 Devices communicating over BLE protocol. The goal is to display data from both ESP32s to a smartphone application.

My question is,
**What is the best route to take? **

  1. Should both ESP32s publish data independently to the smartphone application? In that case, I believe the smartphone app will have to keep polling for data from two devices. Am I correct?

  2. Should one ESP32 send data to the other and from there, a combined string is pushed to the smartphone application?

If we go with option 2, how to implement it in my firmware? From the given examples in the library, it appears the ESP32 client can read data from an ESP32 server. In order to push data to smartphone, I'll have to again configure the ESP32 to go into Server mode. How to handle this transition effectively? Or is there a better way to deal with this?

Let me know if more explanation is required. Looking forward to your awesome recommendations!!

Best regards